Stage Depth 7380mm (setting line)
Stage Width 14200mm (wing wall to wing wall)
SR Wing 1100mm
SL Wing 1900mm
Height to Grid 12700mm
Height to Fly Floor Underpass 4900mm
Proscenium Height 5420mm
Proscenium Width 9950mm
Proscenium Wall Depth 415mm
Load in Door Measurements 1670x2300mm

Stage is a flat floor. Stage and auditorium are coated in 9mm MDF painted black. Screws are permitted into the surface.
Proscenium is made up of sliding wall that can be closed to form two spaces.

We stock a matt black dance floor that can be laid upon request.


Auditorium Width 14960mm (wall to wall)
Auditorium Depth 7640mm (entry door wall to proscenium)
Auditorium Roof Height 8631mm
Height to Bridge Underpass 5521mm
Walkway Width Aud L/R 1600mm
Length Seating Bank Out 6820mm (from entry door wall)

The auditorium is installed with a raked seating bank that seats 160.